Maintenance Troubleshooting

Excessive Surge Actuator movement or slow response (delay) from Electric/Hydraulic Actuator
Air in hydraulic system
Hose swelling / Deteriorated flex hoses
Fluid boil
Badly worn pads
Uneven pad wear
Old or contaminated brake fluid
Faulty master cylinder
Master Cylinder mounting loose
Clogged reservoir cap vent hole
Soft or swollen caliper seals
Front or Rear Axle brakes locking prematurely
Too much front or rear brake bias
Failure in opposite system
Excessive wear in opposite system
Worn tires
Tire pressure too high
Defective master cylinder
Defective caliper
One brake locking / trailer  pulls to one side
Caliper piston seizing
Defective, damaged, or oil-contaminated brake pad on one side
Defective caliper
Scored or out-of-round rotor
Bad caliper O-ring
Loose caliper mount
Mismatched rotors and pads
Incorrect tire pressures
Bad axle-end alignment
Mismatched tires / load
Damaged or crimped brake line/hose
Loose suspension parts
Loose caliper mounting bolts
Incorrect wheel bearing adjustment
Vibrating Trailer while stopping
Excessive rotor run out or thickness variation
Wheel bearing damaged, worn, or out of adjustment
Cracked rotor
Bent axle
Caliper not sliding properly
Air in hydraulic system
Leak in hydraulic system
Tapered pad wear
Electric current passing through brake fluid
Lack of fluid in reservoir
Brakes grab
Contaminated pad linings
Brakes wet
Brakes not releasing / Brake drag
Contaminated pad linings
Brakes wet
Brakes squeal
Worn pads
Brakes wet
Glazed or contaminated pads
Dirty or scored rotor
Bent caliper bracket
Taper wear on pads
Rapid pad wear
Brakes not releasing
Bad surface finish on rotor
Pads too soft
Pad fade (inadequate cooling)
Cracked/damaged/contaminated rotor
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