I wanted to thank you again for helping me out with my trailer brakes. I finally got everything installed (plumbed correctly)
and pulled my 29 Everglades back to Austin from Port Aransas. I added an electric over hydraulic actuator and now the
truck doesn’t even need brakes now. Your brakes are bad ass. Coming home Sunday I went through San Antonio as I
needed to stay on Interstate Hwy because my boat is 9’6” wide and takes up a lot of room on the road. I will tell you
nobody in San Antonio knows how to drive. I gave the DEEMAXX brakes a work out avoiding the the morons driving in SA
and they worked fantastic. Pulling the boat to Orange Beach Alabama on May 26th and feel much better about the trip
now. I have never been down I-10 through Louisiana when it wasn’t raining.
Thanks again
Randy Pomikahl

I don't spend time posting my personal experience with businesses so this will be the first. 

I bought a new boat trailer from a trailer company last fall and had an absolutely terrible experience but the most recent issue with that trailer was a different story. 

One of the caliper mounts broke because the reverse solenoid failed and the tow vehicle is very capable and the boat is fairly large. The caliper and mount fell into the wheel and luckily it was discovered shortly after. 

Instead of wasting my time calling the trailer company this time I called the brake manufacturer Deemaxx. I had to leave a message and assumed since I had called the corporate office I would not get a return call because I was not a vendor and honestly I was just hoping to find out where the nearest retail replacement parts could be found.

To my surprise I received a call within the hour from Chuck at Deemaxx Components. He was very strait forward, asked when and who made the trailer and then offered to bring me replacement parts FOR FREE in another state on his way through on personal business the following day. Clearly I was shocked ! 

This is a testament to how a manufacturer should stand behind a product. These days you get so accustom to poor service, when you run into a person or a company who will take their personal time let alone their time at work to actually help a customer it deserves recognition. 

I didn't get a chance to thank Chuck in person, I was at work the next day when he was able to drop off the part. He dropped off two caliper mounts so now I have a spare "not that I will need it". He also left some nice promotional items. 

This is the first caliper mount that Chuck had ever heard of failing and I'm confident had it been installed properly to begin with it would not have failed at all.

Hats Off and Thank You to Chuck and DEEMAXX ! ! ! Top Notch People and Products
We have just built our first trailer 2 weeks ago using your DeeMax gear for Australian coastguard. The quality of the parts you sent me were excellent as expected and service was prompt, something we are not used to seeing often these days.  Install was easy with no unforeseen problems.

Kind regards,

Marko Bacic
best trailer brakes I've owned yet oh , and a Titan Model 60 lever lock actuator coupler too.
Diego...what size master cylinder do you have? Make sure it matches the brakes.

Mine operates as if the boat is not pushing my Escalade at fact the whole rig feels as though it's stopping faster. I went with the DeeMaxx System with two axles and a 12000# Master Cylinder. It really pulls down fast. Also make sure you have enough tongue weight...that can make a difference.

My biggest test was on i-95 running about 65 and had a guy suddenly stop in front of me for no reason. I hit the brakes and stopped very quickly from 65...scared the crap out of me but now I know how good the system works.


The engineering is similar to the Kodiak brakes as Deemaxx was founded by someone who used to work for Kodiak. The price is much more palatable....GreatGrady Caption

I'll vote for the Deemaxx brakes...I have them on my Owens and Sons and they work well.

Mr. Deegear,
I can not tell you how happy I am with my new boat trailer. I knowing that it has DEEMAXX DISC BRAKES makes me and my family feel safe when we are towing the boat to the Florida Keys. Thank-you for your quick response and the your quality made American made brakes.
Raymond H. LeRoy
I put the SS DeeMax on my Ameratrailer this past summer and they were an upgrade from Kodiak DE that were on the trailer. Much better build than the Kodiak system and the DeeMax has done very well since they have been on the trailer. My next trailer will have them also. Make sure you check the brakelines when changing out the Calipers, I had to upgrade the lines also.
6000 miles on our Ameritrail with the DeeMaxx with no problems. All the other brands have given us problems. Scott at Ameritrail highly recommended them to us
OBX Girl/Team Calcutta
Ameritrail updated my trailer to the DeeMaxx this summer. Brand new trailer and a competitor's brakes left me stranded twice on my first two trips.
Anyway the new DeeMaxx have been fine so far.